In the Following section you will learn how to create Notifications for your customers, such as texts or emails prior to appointments, customer feedbacks and daily reminder activities. Here are the tools you will need to do so. 

1-In order to configure reminders and notifications, go to your Dashboard 

2-click on Settings

3-Following settings click on Notifications.


Let's start with Reminders, they are emails and/or text messages sent to remind of an upcoming appointment.

You can chose 2 different reminders for each appointment; one from the moment the person books to a moment prior to the appointment. Chose from 5 minutes to 3 days prior or chose the day of or none at all.

Choose if you want to send reminder by email and/or by text message.

You can also send this reminder to your staff member.

*if your company was set with services.


Agendize can send automatic email / text message notifications anytime an event occurs. Here you will use the check boxes to validate the numerous notifications and alerts you need every time there is a change to your agenda; such as new booking, changes/cancellations with staffs or customers.

To do so, check the "email" and/or "Text Message" box aligned with the trigger described in the page.

*Manager notifications are sent to the email address set in the company section, unless you set a different one in the "company contact" section further down in this page.

Customer feedback

The platform allow you to automatically send a feedback form to your clients at the end of their appointment. You will see the results in the reports page (see Customer Feedback) .

To do so, simply check the corresponding box. (see box below)

Activity Summary

The platform allows you send a summary of the appointments of the day to the company manager and the staff members  (if your company was set with services)

To do so, simply check the corresponding box. (see box below)

Company Contact

As the manager, if you wish to receive the notifications at a specific mobile phone number or an email address (not the Agendize Account one), you can fill out the information here: (see box below).