Create and Manage Resources

Creating a ressource is quite simple, here are the following methods

*Note: if the resource section does not exist in your company, this means that your company is configured to use Services and/or Staffs. You can not change        this once you have set your business. Here is an alternative on how to create a Ressource once you have already created a service company. simply add a location to your current business and go through the following steps.

1. First off, create a business, under industry select Other

2. Next to it, drop down the menu and chose Ressource-based booking

Once created your Ressources are ready to be edited or added.

To manage your resources, go to your Dashboard, and click on Settings and Resources.

Click on an existing resource to edit it or click “Add Resource” to create a new Resource.


Once into the creation window you should see the following:

Basic information 

  1. Name: When editing/creating a Resource, you will be asked to enter a name to identify it.
  2. Description: This will help your client to know more about your resource
  3. Quantity: Set the quantity of available resources: this can be the number of people who will be attending a class, the number of rooms/station in a workshop.
  4. Price: This information is not mandatory, and you can choose to display it or not in the widget section.
  5. Duration: Which can be modified with a simple drag.
  6. Buffer duration: Allowing you to be more efficient in scheduling by giving yourself a break between appointments
  7. Color: By choosing a color, you will be able to differentiate a ressource’s appointments in the weekly view and the dashboard.

Setting up work hours and custom schedules

By default, your resource will be assigned the company’s working hours.

  • If you wish to add different periods, click on the day and drag until you have the desired time or press the gear on the right to delete or copy (useful if you want to repeat the time through more than a day)
  • If you want to temporarily change a resource’s work schedule, you can set custom periods. During this period of time, the custom work hours set in this section will apply instead of the regular one.

Editing a Resource Photo

Similar to services or staff simply click on chose file button to upload the photo that you want to show and press delete if you want to remove it.

*Dont forget to press save to have all modifications shown